A/C Tune Up

Did you know that your central air conditioner is the only appliance that requires regular maintenance? It is recommended by FPL and the manufacturers that your air conditioner be maintained twice a year in south Florida.

Maintenance is also required as part of the warranty.
The facts are clear:

•  If the system is maintained, it will run more efficiently.
•  The system will last longer.
•  You may prevent costly break-downs if potential problems are detected.

At Cool Advice, when we do a Tune-up on your central air conditioner(s), we don’t just check things, we actually have a list of twenty things that we do! We  guarantee our tune-up will help save you on your electric bill, and we will recommend  anything that is applicable to your individual situation to help prevent more costly problems from occurring.
On the next page you will find the 20-point “do” list.

Duct Sanitizing

This is a process that eliminates mold, mildew, dust mites, etc. from the ducts, return plenum, and air handler. Depending on the individual situation, we can also remove and sanitize the blower wheel and/or evaporator coil, in the air handler.

The grilles throughout house are removed and taken outside to degrease and sanitize. Vents are cleaned at each location. This whole process will create high air quality throughout the home. Ultra violet light is proven to eliminate and maintain the air handler, preventing mold, dustmites, mildew, and dirt from infesting the air handler.

We also offer high quality air filters that have anti-microbials to maintain the systems air quality. These filters are registered with the EPA, and are recommended by The Department of Consumer Affairs.

They are very affordable!